I believed that if more people understood it, then many of those currently in desperate situations could be saved. For a peaceful present-day? INTL The first time I used my own two hands to save someone's life, I finally understood why you always talked about the responsibility that lies on every doctor's shoulders. "You-" It yields 16 sausages. They graduated side-by-side from the knight academy, sharing the position of first in their year. Grind pork meat and fat through 5 mm (1/4") plate. "...Pretzel, thank you." ❌ That day, we talked until the sky turned dark. He seemed to have been standing there for quite some time - seeing his wound and the blood puddling on the ground, I could feel the nerves at my temples start to throb. It's late - you should head home." May all filth be cleansed from the world. Stuff into 28-32 mm hog casings forming 10 cm (4") links. "I want to thank you too." CN Name Someone who never listens to warnings only learns through experience. His room was as blindingly white as a hospital; when he taught anatomy, he would always wear layers upon layers of protective clothing. 180cm Grind veal through 3 mm (1/8") plate. But I never saw that smile he used to have again. CN Bring 1l / 1 quart of water to a boil. "...I still need to report to Croissant. An indescribable panic arose in the world. Height "...you don't have to do this. JP He has a strong sense of responsibility and would seriously carry out any logistics-related tasks for others. He's too noisy." Medicine is a profoundly deep discipline; it is also one that can save others. I warned her. Even when the other noble children made fun of their birth, they never yielded. Pretzel was the same as always, although he seemed to value his life a little more. Cary was a very talented student; he was always smiling warmly. Character Info The day they buried Cary, it was not raining like it always did in novels - it was a bright and clear day, a few cotton candy-like clouds drifting by in the blue sky. "Eh! Origin But the time someone spends as a student is limited. She faked it well. His world - they would take the responsibility for protecting it. If I had told you then..." The responsibility of erecting that gravestone fell to Weisswurst. Recipe for Weisswurst. Fish 'n Chips and Andy accomplished their dream and became knights of the Holy See. Thank you." Weisswurst is just one of the many sausages we have in Germany, but this one is very special! Time With the food processor mix in ground pork skin and parsley, blend just enough to distribute evenly. A toast for what?" Luckily, perhaps out of fear that I might tell the truth to her Master Attendant, she became much more well-behaved. "Okay! In the end, the evil that lurks in the darkness will always receive its punishment. He seemed so much more at peace now than when he used to stand in my office for punishment. She even happily accepted the task of disposing of students' experiments. "...I won't go to the Holy See. He was very much a clean freak. That day, Pretzel learned that Weisswurst's fighting ability was not in any way second to theirs. Roast Lamb's departure was like a catalyst. "Spanish Sausages, Authentic Recipes and Instructions" fills this void and the readers will know not only what is a chorizo, longaniza, salchichón, fuet, morcilla, butifarra, salchicha, sobrasada, fiambre, androlla, butelo, morcón as well as many others, but also learn how to make each sausage. "Pretzel, come you tell Croissant for me - I'll come, after a while. "Huh? 12 sausages): 47,5 % Veal (shoulder) (475g) 32,5 % pork backfat (325g) 20 % crushed ice or ice water; Spices per 1000 g of Weisswurst: 19 g salt; 3 g pepper (white) 1 g mace; 1 g ground mustard seeds; zest of half an organic lemon He gently touched the gravestone, just as years before, he had gently touched Cary's shoulder. I felt at ease, knowing that he had not been influenced by Black Pudding. Dishes I already told you, if any of you get hurt, you can come find me here. Anyways, stop changing the subject! Where's the first aid kit I gave you?" FF:NJ If you could say Fish 'n Chips and Andy represented this world's light, then Black Pudding would represent its darkness. "Heehee~ Teacher, why did you take off your coat? ❌ Apart from wanting to become a knight, Andy was also a Master Attendant. I'll be going now." Type Next time, maybe you should bring that over and we can try it out." Croissant was good at what he did. Remember to leave me a room, preferably not near Fish 'n Chips. No one knew why; no one could convince him otherwise. If other people knew that the food soul under Cary's care was such an existence, then his hopes of becoming a doctor would forever be dashed. Rubbing my aching head, I reached out and pushed this bastard who doesn't take his wounds seriously into the office. But I want to finish the paperwork to leave my position at the school first. A much more amiable doctor who can even be humorous at times, Weisswurst is someone easy to communicate with and has been noted to display a flair for medical skills. He wanted to use his abilities to save everyone, even those who could not afford it. MORE GOURMET. "I can go alone." "I'm sorry. Because he and Black Pudding has different insights on medical treatment, this leads to conflicts between the duo and eventually arguments. Many times, I'd see them resting together in the afternoon shade. Pretzel didn't stop him. Place 1 pound (453 g) of weisswurst in a single layer in the skillet. And since he was doing well, I put down that enormous weight in my heart and buried myself in teaching. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Either way, I love this world." "For a beautiful future? "This is my sin, so it should be I who ends it." He told me, he would always stay on the path he chose. Even if my hands must drip with blood once again, I will not hesitate. As his friends, Pretzel and Fish 'n Chips did not want to force him to do what he didn't want to do. If it were not for that day, if I had not forgotten something in the lab - I would never have discovered what she was doing to those remains. Always - until one day, one of the students who had already graduated returned to the school. The word Weißwurst or Weisswurst can be translated to white sausage and it is indeed very white, rather than pink, red, or tan like other sausages. I didn't often speak to Croissant, but the few times I had, that always-laughing fellow by his side left a strong impression on me. They were born in a noble family that had fallen from grace long ago, but they never admitted defeat. I always worried that my blood-stained hands might not be able to do this job.