This being the case, would it not stand to reason that maybe monogamy isn't what nature intended? For one, the likelihood of getting or spreading an STD is lower. I certainly agree that you can't depend on the safety of a relationship while engaging in behavior that would destroy it. Compassionate bonding/monogamy exists for the purpose of raising a family. No I meant polygamous. Same with when we think of our best friends or order our favorite meal. I must have done something wrong, which is becoming the most "natural" thing in the world, as I get older. I think it's a mix of both, I don't think humans were biologically "designed" to only be monogamous, but it's in human nature to get jealous and fall in love so monogamous relationships come pretty naturally to majority of people. And as an example, they might have an agreement that nothing sexual can take place with the extramarital partner unless their spouse is present. It's a valid question, just as yours is. Thanks for letting me know what you--and perhaps others--feel is sexist about this posting. I don't have an issue with monogamy, but I agree that sometimes it just seems unnatural when you look at the world around us, and how much of a chronic problem infidelity is. Oh, yes, you object to my referring to "Casanova" and "philandering husband." It is definitely a social construct. There are remarkable things we are discovering that are related to our sexuality Ms Smith, the latest being that man's greater ability to navigate may have come from primitive man's desire to walk 100s of miles to try and find new sexual partners. Some apes, I think as well. It seems that much of the Western world is not practicing monogamy, but is, more often than not it seems - to be engaged in a modified version of monogamy - which is lifelong serial monogamy. Black Woman’s Burden: How Stacey Abrams, The K Hive, and Black Women Nationwide Saved America From Itself ...Again. Do you understand my explanation? Okay, then science, what about really old psychological/historical scientific studies? We also carry the biological imprint of polygamy, the opposite of lifelong fidelity to one mate. Monogamy is a social construct having more to do with economics than with human nature. The building you call home, is unnatural. But that's still not the point. Human ancestors and modern humans lived in small troops for most of our history. Somehow monogamy went from a participatory agreement between people in a relationship to some sort blanket social … Not actually a civilization. Interestingly enough, science says that when men/women are faced with an attractive person but those people are in happy, committed relationships, they see the attractive person as less attractive and they also keep them at a further distance than normal. Nope, must be the influence of a higher being. I suppose there are people who blur these boundaries and complicate your attempt to "define" what swinging is, but that's another matter. It's not fair to assume someone thinks one way or another because now a days the internet spreads ideals world wide and anyone can share those beliefs. Who are you to tell me how to think? Seems like an issue with unfufilled youth too but again openness solves that problem. And I don't understand why people think monogamy is impossible. I would say it is for the most part a social construct, but not all social construct is a bad thing. Not necessarily...most human "tribes" are monogamous in one way or the other, which leads one to think that having a set person or people with whom you have sex with is some how beneficial to our survival as a species. Polygamy (multiple wives) still exists to this day. Yes, mongamy was only created so beta males could get sex, and low value women could get commitment and resources. Monogamy may not be "natural" for humans, but an awful lot of us still think it's the best choice. But monogamy can be the key to a more meaningful relationship. The same type of thing that keeps people believing in a greater being that was designed to explain unexplainable things even though modern science & tech has explained them. Well, look, I think we can agree that "swinger" is not the most articulate or eloquent of terms. Swinging is thought of as just having fun sex with someone else, with the full approval and support of your partner. Women are guilty of hypergamy, its in their nature to go from man to man looking for the best deal. I think monogamy is in alignment with life sustaining principles and natural law. People will have experiences that are different from mine. I'm pretty sure even back in Victorian times Polyamory was frowned upon. I know that I'm only interested in a monogamous relationship. Monogamy is a social construct, however it is a very basic and necessary one. Those are both male connotations, and perhaps I should have been less gender-specific. i have spent years of reading and researching to find answers , but i simply cant and wont , because there is no logical explanations .. And no one is out cheating to ensure the of survival of our species. We do whatever is most comfortable. I think it's the most natural thing to find someone you really like and to want them to ourselves (intimately & romantically). Monogamy is society’s way of helping to satisfy her need to be protected. These new hard-line feminists and male sexual perverts would like you to believe that it is. Science has no answer to that, apparently, although there are theories, as you might expect. I'd actually say no It's Supernatural. Sex was more of a social bond and paternity belonged to everyone. Our life cycle consists of more than eating and reproducing. Just about everything you accept as reality outside of observable & repeatable physical truths are social constructs. What does that even mean? Ha! Probably very few people fall into that category, so I would think that most would be serial monogamists. Is it my place to judge people who are interested in non monogamous relationships? Here is my take on this issue. Obviously, the benefits of monogamy are not limited to the two-parent child care advantage. Absolutely. People throughout the world practice polygamy and monogamy which means this is clearly influenced by social ethics, but social constructs are a product of higher intelligence in biological life.