These problems seem to be compounded when dealing with Ikea products, a brand notorious for its wordless instructions and general difficulty in assembly. The BESTÅ TV storage unit is huge, taking up a typical wall in a typical room. Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum. This stressful situation will often cause petty arguments between loved ones about how best to finish the job. Instructions can be confusing or hard to read, small yet vitally important pieces seem to go missing and the entire project ends up taking far longer than anticipated. That said, here are the Top 7 IKEA pieces that can cause much frustration: #7 HEMNES Dresser. While most of flat-pack products come with basics like a screwdriver or Allen key, more complex items will obviously require more sophisticated equipment. Ikea was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 27, 2007 and since then this brand received 1135 reviews.. Ikea ranks 305 of 1470 in Furniture and Decor category. In other words, these beds require several boxes of stuff. Well it starts with the company’s own philosophy of a do-it-yourself approach to modular furniture.  The value of the item is increased when the buyer feels like they had a part in creating it.  Many people don’t have a large amount of tools in their homes and not everyone knows how to use them properly. IKEA, you are loved by so many, but here’s the deal: some of your stuff is hard to assemble! If that wasn’t enough, people often find that when they think they’re finished, the end result looks nothing like what they saw in the catalogue. This DIY design philosophy and the affordability of their products means that many people find themselves struggling with flat-pack items they thought would be as easy to assemble as they were to buy. 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These problems seem to be compounded when dealing with Ikea products, a brand notorious for its wordless instructions and general difficulty in assembly. This is where the services of Ikea furniture assemblers come in handy. This way of involving customers in the creation of the product is great on paper, but what it really means is a lot of people who end up pulling their hair out trying to do it themselves. With so many interconnecting pieces it’s easy to lose track of them and end up stuck later in the assembly process. Storage beds may offer 4 large drawers giving you extra storage space under the bed, but realize they need several pieces to work well, and when buying in person, you need to pick up both a SKORVA midbeam and the slatted bed base separately. Make sure to level it and secure it to the wall so it doesn’t fall forward or down. There is even an entertainment cabinet that has been nicknamed the “divorcemaker” because of how many couples get into bitter arguments trying to put it together. These complicated instructions combined with the common person’s inexperience with handiwork explain why Ikea products are considered so difficult to assemble. Opening the pack and laying out the pieces takes up a lot of space in people’s homes and makes them think the job will take a lot longer than they want it to. The BRIMNES day bed frame with 2 drawers may look simple and easy to assemble, but the assembly instructions, available in pdf form on the IKEA website, take up a whopping 32 pages. Everyone has at some point dealt with frustration when putting something together. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. From wardrobes to bedframes, sometimes the task becomes a lot more complicated than anyone could have prepared for. Simply unpacking and organising the components presents a daunting task for many people. Moreover, the environment features realistic rendering, configurable scene (e.g., lighting, texture, color), and diverse ground truth labels, such as object pose, shape, instance segmentation mask, depth map, and scene graph. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Buy an electric screw driver with replaceable bits. Flat pack items come packaged in a lot of different parts that need careful assembly later. That said, here are the Top 7 IKEA pieces that can cause much frustration: The HEMNES 8-drawer dresser looks great in a picture, but the picture-only assembly instructions show more than 40 steps to get this thing put together so you’ll have a place to store your shirts, socks and undies.