Jonathon So this may seem like a really dumb question, but how do you hang the meat in the smoker. Either hang on smoke sticks or lay on racks in your smokehouse or oven. Can I still use them or do I need to trash them. If you start with a higher temperature, you do risk creating a tough and dry exterior and casing, sometimes known as case hardening. I was not able to fit every thing in my smoker and part of the batch had to sit in the fridge overnight. Most snack sticks have a low pH from around 4.5 to 5.2, which is what gives them that familiar tangy flavor and is what helps aid in shelf stability. Make sure your spices are mixed before applying to the meat. That can sometimes be hard to figure out with wild game so I would recommend that you try making a batch out of pork or beef that you get from a grocery store and know what the fat content is, use binder here as well. I’m getting ready to make my first batch of snack sticks have a few questions. 125F for 1 hour Fat is where most of your flavor comes from so changing your lean to fat ratio will change the overall taste and mouthfeel of your product. 155F for 2 hours 1oz Sure Cure 2 Then, we’ll let them set out for about 1 hour before moving to the refrigerator/freezer. I cannot get that tight, lightly wrinkled look of a snack stick. Next watch this video on protein extraction it does a decent job showing you what proper protein extraction looks like and generally how long it will take to get there. The way I read it in the product info, smoked meat stabilizer was intended for wild game. If I had to guess I would say that your problems are stemming from this step, make sure the product is sticky before stuffing it into the casings. If I’m using venison and pork fat would I use the Smoked Meat Stabilizer and the Citric Acid, or just the stabilizer? If both, then in what quantity? You can mix, stuff, and then hold overnight (if not using an additive like ascorbic acid or encapsulated citric acid). I hope this helps, don’t give up, like you said snack sticks are a great way to use your wild game! Start the initial grind with a 3/8in (10mm) grinder plate, then grind a second time through a 1/8in (3mm) grinder plate. weatherbow21 I’d try a few things. Step 1) Mix all of your ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl. These last two ingredients can be added in the last 45-60 seconds of the cycle, or just long enough to evenly disperse. Just be sure to leave a slight gap between the snack sticks. Avoid creating air pockets when you load your sausage stuffer and begin stuffing until the casings are full with a smooth exterior. Walton’s has everything you need (except the meat) to make great snack sticks, plus we have the knowledge to help you perfect your own process. I assume I just loop over the smoke stick and then make one big continuous loop across the stick alternating up across and down from side to side over the smoke stick until I get it all on there? For how to tell fat content at home there really isn’t a way, it requires specialized equipment. I have really been struggling with making snack sticks, with several failed attempts to the point I’m almost ready to give up. IcePro Yes you can absolutely make snack sticks out of 100% ground beef, lots of people do this with great results. 1 package Excalibur Snack Stick Seasoning When you start the mixer, just start adding all the ingredients, except the Encapsulated Citric Acid and High Temp Cheese. Up until the time of smoking, you should have the meat at a temperature under 40F, so up to that point it will be at a temp to limit bacteria growth. We need to make sure we get a lot of protein extraction, and that is a bit more difficult to achieve in hand mixing but still a possibility to do if you don’t have an actual meat mixer.