Thanks! Add more water and a little more ice to the new workbag bucket and gently stir up the material for another 6-8min. It doesn't need to be as dry as if you were going to store it as bubble hash, but not too far off. 2017-09-21 So thanks! Dani Alchimia Glad you enjoyed the article! I think the way to make the best hash is to stir gently and to run the material several times. About chilling the material: on my last runs I've cut the plants, cut the buds and put them directly in the washing machine (with the ice cubes) to chill, without even putting them in the refrigerator. Once cannabis trichomes have been washed and collected, they need to be dried thoroughly before they can be turned into a smokable hash or pressed into rosin. Tim Alchimia 2017-08-02 size Mason Jar just fine- HG) - farmer. ;), Hydra-Glide Tim, Tim Alchimia Hi Me, is water added to ice in my machine. Hi Hydra-Glide, Hydra-Glide "Since I want top quality in the first run, I don’t even put bags below 73u; I use 220, 190, 160, 120, 90 and 73. So I have gathered not to freeze if not flash freezing. If you plan on freezing your green material, flash freezing works best, it is doubtless the way to go (although expensive). The buds are chilling for 20-30 min., and any trichs that fall off do so in the washing machine. Tim (Note: The All Mesh 25u bags are so thin, they'll wad-up into a qt. Hydra-Glide Took pics. So is fresh frozen really worth the loss of overall potency just for slightly better terps?? Hi Hydra-Glide, Phone: 833-teamSHO (833-832-6746)Email:, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, The Definitive Guide to Trichomes for Rosin Makers. Best! I hope that helps, best wishes and happy hashing! You should either flash freeze your buds or do not freeze them at all (but chill them). Cutting buds into 50¢ diameter (quid coin size?) Fresh frozen is a variation on the ice water hash technique, usually performed with collection bags like Ice-O-Lator. Warm up the freezer! On the long road to extraction greatness there are many steps to take, and even those some of those steps can appear to be miniscule, overlooking them can have massive implications for your end results. e. I've hit a snag, the snag being I like to keep my hash in it's original slab, as spooned onto the 25u drying sheets. Of course, I'll start clipping buds off the plant and may change my mind and go with the "no smaller mesh than 73u on the first run", but I don't know how fast fresh-cut buds are going to tip the scale at 400g. Hydra-Glide They aren't necessary but if you are making ice hash often they are a very useful time saving technique. You can use turkey bags or airtight containers to freeze the material. I'll cut the first buds on Sept. 30, chill them overnight, and make my first run on Oct. 1st. Thanx Dani! The cubes are too small. A cousin was James Dickey, of "Deliverance" and he's never been around weed, but our city is having a special election to try and win the right to have commercial greenhouses to keep our "flower capital" city of the world from being built-out with houses, etc., so having F.D. Dry or partially dry give me great results the. Thank you for your help. So, I've decided that since I only have the three plants this season, I'd better make the best hash I can that will stay malleable in a sheet or ball. With bubble made form fresh trim, the freezer is the way to store it. I know a local newspaper writer acquaintance who will be assisting. Can't wait to see your next run! 2019-08-12 Hello new grower 1st time hash maker. Retired veteran, father, rock-climbing expert & rosin connoisseur. of 25u that cures into full-melt. In addition to writing for #teamSHO, she is a regular contributor to Playboy, High Times, Big Bugs Mag, and the Green Market Report. Hydra-Glide You mention keeping the buds in the freezer for a few hours. :), Dani Alchimia A few weeks of curing tends to prevent this from occurring, and is probably the main reason top flight hash makers employ it – so that their hash maintains a consistent appearance and structure over extended periods of time. Plan on making bubble hash with my plants once they come off very soon, I keep seeing people talk about fresh frozen... is this done with a freeze dryer or just a regular old freezer. Our recommendation is to run side-by-side tests of the cultivars you’re working with and find the method that you prefer for that particular strain. After constantly having my more experienced friend product continually turn out better than mine I asked what his secret was. The Solventless Hash Rating System Explained, Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Rosin Lover, Best Holiday Recipes Using Solventless Cannabis Oil. Fresh Frozen or dried cured that is the question. Line the bucket with your Bubble Bags, starting with the 25 micron bag and ending with the 220 micron bag. So, to your question, no a freeze drier is not used for "fresh frozen". I’ve seen people doing a very fast first run – just a few seconds – just to clean the buds, but I prefer soaking them in water and gently stirring them for a couple of minutes before putting them in the washing machine." I do not have any fancy equipment (no bubble bags?) When I take the screen out of the mason jar, I scrape any remaining hard pieces off with my fingers and shake the heck out of the screen.