We’ll even tell you what you need to defeat its three main bosses: Alpha Zaghnal, Mithridates, and The Tycoon. The three bosses are Alpha Zaghnal, Mithridates, and finally The Tycoon. An aetherial disturbance detected from inside is believed to be in some way linked to their appearance, and you have been tasked with not only clearing a path for the researchers, but with investigating the cause of the anomaly.”. Artificial Gravity creates large red circles that expand greatly, so carefully avoid them. Magicrystal is similar to Mithridates’ Allagan Thunder attack, in that it targets players with unavoidable AoE attacks, so again: try not to overlap them and cause extra damage to yourselves. Here’s what the game itself says about The Twinning: “Since its sudden appearance in Norvrandt, the Crystal Tower has been a source of great mystery, one which the people of the Crystarium have barely begun to unravel. In order to unlock FFXIV The Twinning, much like the other level 80 dungeons introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, you first have to have beaten the main story quest. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. After you’ve completed the story, head to The Crystarium, which can be found at coordinates X: 9.2, Y: 11.2. ALSO: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review | Building on a firm foundation. Defensive Array is much the same, except from the edge of the arena inward, so be careful to avoid overlapping with other players. Since the introduction of the Shadowbringers expansion there have been several new level 80 dungeons added to the game, so one of the hardest challenges in the entire MMO is the FFXIV The Twinning dungeon. Eventually the boss will mark each player with a number, and will attack with a line attack. The Twinning. Watch out for these attacks overlapping, keep your cool, and always have healers and healing items on standby. Rail Cannon is the tankbuster attack, so as usual cooldown and heal. Minimum level for all players has to be 80, of course. The area you’re looking for is just off the main plaza, very close to the Dousal Gate. Now that the city is free from the threat of the Lightwardens, researchers have been afforded the opportunity to explore the innermost reaches of the tower, though they soon found their way barred by hordes of ferocious guardians. If it spawns electrical purple orbs around the battlefield, simply keep away from them. The Laserblade attack will put a lot of lines on the arena with very small safe areas, so make sure you’re in one of them. Head to the point X: 12.8, Y:10.6 in The Crystarium and you’ll be allowed to enter the dungeon by using the Duty Finder. If you do free a Beta, deal with it as quickly as possible. Try and avoid taking too much damage on the the final mobs before the last boss, The Tycoon. You can then jump from platform to platform and head down into the dungeon. In particular with this boss, watch out for the containment pods to the left and the right of the arena. High Tension Discharger is a huge AoE blast attack that will hit all players, so once you see the boss charge it up make sure your healers are ready. Your team needs to not only avoid these attacks, but position yourselves so they don’t hit the containment units. It … Each boss has a tankbuster attack. Magitek Crossray will send out lasers in four directions that get frozen in time in a rectangular box for a long period, so stay away from both the boxes and the direction of the lasers. Charge Eradicated is the most notable attack, as it’ll mark a player with a stacking charge up attack. The Twinning is a level 80 dungeon that was introduced to Final Fantasy 14 in the recent patch 5.0 as part of the Shadowbringers expansion, so it’s one of the newest dungeons in the game. They contain Beta Zaghnals, and if they’re hit by any attack (either yours or the Alpha’s) they’ll attack the closest player and you’ll need to deal with them too. Final Fantasy 14 is full of challenges that make the MMO worth playing, but if you want the toughest challenge of them all you’ll have to head into one of the game’s multiple dungeons for the fight of your life. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. You’ll soon encounter the first boss, Alpha Zaghnal. We’ll show you how to unlock The Twinning dungeon, where to find it, what you can expect in terms of monsters and other enemies, and ultimately how to beat The Twinning. The Twinning is one of two level 80 dungeons related to, but not directly part of, the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest (on release). Its primary tankbuster attack, Thunder Beam, will do heavy damage to its target, but you should cooldown and heal afterwards. It’s available by finishing the quest Shadowbringers and unlocked by the quest By the Time You Hear This. You’re particularly looking for the NPC called Bethana to talk to. The other player need to get close to share this damage, but watch out for the fire puddle. Once you head in, before the first boss you’ll find a few different trash mobs with area of effect attacks that you should try and interrupt. Keep talking to her and pushing the conversation, and eventually you’ll get the message “The Twinning now accessible”. Make sure you concentrate on finishing the Shadowbringers story before you attempt this or any of the other level 80 dungeons, such as Akadaemia Anyder. You’ll probably need four players to start, and we suggest at least one Tank, one Healer, and two DPS characters that are Disciples of War or Magic. Move through the tower past the rest of the simple enemies towards the next boss, Mithridates. You’ll finish the boss in no time. The Twinning is a level 80 dungeon that was introduced to Final Fantasy 14 in the recent patch 5.0 as part of the Shadowbringers expansion, so it’s one of the newest dungeons in the game.