Festoolsales.com is a fully stocked Festool distributor that ships nationwide.. Festoolsales.com specializes in Festool and Festool Accessories in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. The existing 18 V batteries would make the batteries significantly unbalances and unergonomic. For more information, please fill out the form below or call our main location in Clifton Park at 518-557-2658. At this price, one day of rent is equivalent to a new - if not Dewalt or Bosch - then at least Ryobi  at the Home Depot. Your comparison list is empty. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Seems like it would almost have to be successful. New products, promotions and applications. Ok, so you would have a learning curve to keep the equipment operating correctly. Granat is our most long-lasting and highest performing abrasive and is well suited for nearly all applications, including bare wood, paints, most modern paint systems, VOC clear coats, plastic materials, solid surface materials, acrylics, and composites. Many big-box stores like Lowe’s have their own, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Floor Sander Rental: Lowe's Store Policy Explained, 9 Places to Get a Floor Scrubber/Floor Cleaner Rental. The new cordless compact orbital sanders impress with a capacity to remove extensive material and excellent endurance thanks to an 18 V battery pack and brushless EC-TEC motor. So it can make financial sense to keep your wood floors looking great. We take sanding seriously. This sander gives you everything Rotex has to offer in a smaller, lighter package. Once the furniture from the previous occupants has been removed, you may find yourself looking at some sad wood floors and wondering how to fix them. Use the Festool abrasive search feature to find all of the available items for your sanders. Item Available for Purchase. Random orbit sander ROTEX RO 150 RO 150 FEQ-Plus. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Get more information about rental pricing, product details, photos and rental locations here. All 4 grits. For spraying emulsions, top coats, wood preservatives and low-viscosity water or solvent-based coatings. Free labor you only pay for the upgrade parts. Hardened Aluminum Oxide, Synthetic Resin, Closed Coated. view details. Efficiently sprays stains, enamels, lacquers, latex, and other low and medium viscosity coatings. Getting a floor sander rental seems like the sort of thing you’d never wonder about until you’re standing in your new home. Lighweight; Dustless; Brushless motor; Pressure Washer Pressure Cleaner. The sander stroke will make it faster to sand and to get to a certain point faster. Efficiently sprays stains, enamels, lacquers, latex, and other low and medium viscosity coatings. Not only do we rent the following equipment, but we also spend the time to show you how to use it properly and get the best use out of each rental! Classic rental tool type of things such as the new Planex Sander or perhaps if I got into a project where I was regretting opting for the Domino DF 500 and now wished I had the Domizilla, maybe renting it for that type of project. At Hessler, we provide all of the top equipment items for you to rent for your next project. Backing pads, filter bags, and everything else you need. Well maintained wood floors have been shown to significantly increase the value of your home — 54% of home buyers are willing to pay as much as $2,000 more on a property solely on the basis of wood floors. Floor Sander Rentals National Stores The Home Depot. Nope, rent it, use it, keeeeping it! Whether you are looking to achieve a precise, sanding pattern or are in pursuit of blemish removal from rougher surfaces, our state-of-the-art range of high-quality machine … ETS sanders need minimal suction and nothing passed a quarter of the power. now you don't need to drywall sand with hands, use this planex drywall sander with ease and effortlessness. You only pay for parts you need. see our article about whether or not Lowe’s rents floor sanders, Floor Sander Rental: Lowe’s Store Policy Explained, Ace Hardware Rentals: Available Tools & Equipment Detailed, 50 Floor vs Empire vs Luna: Flooring Specialists Compared, Menards Delivery Charge: Shipping Options, Delivery Costs Detailed, The Home Depot Shoplifting Policy: Theft and No-Chase Policies Detailed, KB Home Upgrades Price List: Common Upgrades, Costs Detailed, D.R. Designed by The Girls at Barrydowne. No matter how big or small your DIY refinishing job may be, you are now set to find the perfect sander to make your home remodel a complete success! I have to send my Rotex 90 for repair but I am in the middle of a project. I understand there's the 30 day money back guarantee so people can try it to be sure it's worth it.