The Trials will be kicking off today, October 29, at around 5pm GMT, or 10am PT if you live in the United States. Making it to The Lighthouse will be just as tough, with plenty of PvP competition available over the coming days. Each week, Saint-14 opens the doors of the Trails of Osiris, inviting Destiny 2 players to test their skills against each other in PvP. The Trials will be kicking off today at around 6pm GMT, or 10am PT if you live in the United States. Only a few more Trials are being released before the arrival of the big Beyond Light expansion, which will be available to download and play on November 10. This week, the Solstice of Heroes event is underway, which means many players are returning to the game. Here’s a look at the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris map and rewards for August 14, 2020. Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is unlocking again on July 17, bringing with it new loot and a refreshed map to battle on. Trial of Osiris Rewards. Earn some high-quality Exotics for racking up the wins. This week will see the launch of the penultimate Trials of Osiris event in Destiny 2 Season 11, with Beyond Light scheduled to launch on November 10. Xbox Playstation. Tracker Network. Bungie is preparing for big changes in Destiny 2 next week, which will affect both Trials of Osiris and the Exotics Merchant Xur. The map this week is the Endless Vale, and players can get rewards by winning certain numbers of matches. Put your PvP skills to the test and attempt to win seven games undefeated. Trials of Osiris Weekly Stats Sheet Enter gamertag and platform to see your stats by Trials Week. The Trials of Osiris map and rewards update Friday in Destiny 2. And it looks like the Trials of Osiris will remain one of the main Playlists available over the coming weeks, following the news that the Beyond Light expansion … The rules of Trials are simple. Although the rewards, maps, and challenges will change every week for the Trials, this week’s loot is worth looking into (there’s a reason why Destiny 2 is considered one of the most loot-fueled looter-shooter games). With more and more people seeking refuge from games during the COVID-19 pandemic, sad to say that with the uptick of players, we’ve gotten more cheaters online as well. Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 2FA (2-factor authentication) will be enabled for certain activities! Destiny 2 gamers can look forward to the return of Trials of Osiris today, with the best stuff being offered to those who can string together a Flawless run.