Axis of disasters in November 2020: The Unknown is approaching at the end of November, Secrets of symbolism of Dürer’s apocalyptic engraving “Four Horsemen”: What the genius wanted to tell, The British Army warned of the threat of a third world war, The apocalypse is approaching: which Torah prophecies about the End of the World began to come true, Hitler’s secret bunker with photographs and coins discovered in Argentina, We’ve been deceived for 40 years. The large sandstone structure is supported by 24 columns, as well as 18 freestanding columns, decorated with paintings and carvings. There are “pitfalls” (which, by the way, were not taken into account in this theory). During the removal of soot and dust from the walls, drawings began to appear, with which the ancient Egyptians decorated the temple. Two researchers working on the lost technology of Ancient Egypt have rediscovered the secret of the Dendera Light (aka. What do Flat Earth advocates think of chemtrails? Throughout its existence, the pyramid has probably been overhauled and restored several times (and maybe more often); last time in the third millennium BC, during the reign of Pharaoh Cheops. There is evidence of religious structures built during the reign of the pharaoh of the Ancient Empire Pepi I. The slowdown compared to the current average duration is 365.241626 minus 365.2235943 = 0.018031 days, or almost exactly 1558 seconds. In most sources, according to the sizes of the pyramids, they are indicated with an accuracy of a centimeter (in the Wikipedia article “Pyramid of Cheops” – up to a millimeter). To do this, baths were held in sacred water, the priests gave them ointments and rooms were offered in which to sleep to those who hoped that the goddess would appear in their dreams, to help them. Unified conspiracy theory of everything: True World Rulers, Exploring a strange satellite: Iron arguments of Soviet scientists about the purpose of the moon, A secret ancient book about the self-destruction of civilization: everything happens according to what was written, Books of omnipotence: what pharaohs and kings forbade their subjects to read, Occult Third Reich: These are the multiple times Nazis tried to use supernatural powers. Loch Ness monster spotted in a Chinese lake? But this means that the mysterious “pyramidal elbow” during the construction of the pyramid, if it was one ten-millionth part of the Earth’s radius (as many of its researchers believed), it was not from the current radius, but from the one that was many millennia (or even tens millennia), – during the construction of the pyramid. So the Cheops pyramid was erected 237,000 years ago? These cookies do not store any personal information. The child of incest, the Caucasian pharaoh and the mortal curse, The mysterious hole in Bulgaria, Baba Vanga – the secret military operation and the hollow Earth, AC / DC singer talks about looking for the Loch Ness monster. The city of Esna, about 60 km south of the ancient capital of Luxor, used to have more temples. In Wikipedia (in the article “Tropical Year”) we can see the following data (for 2000): Between two March equinoxes: 365.242374 days, Between two June solstices: 365.241626 days, Between two September equinox% 365.242018 days, Between two December solstices: 365.242740 days. In addition to the chief priest of Heliopolis, the legendary Imhotep, another name is associated with the construction (or with the repair) of the pyramids under Cheops, perhaps less well-known, but no less great. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The reliefs of the crypt are of cosmogony and show a snake born in a lotus flower, which is the symbol of creation. According to archaeologists, each of the two corners of the upper side of the prehistoric mask or figurine has a short protrusion, “probably stylized ears.” The figurine’s ears have small holes that were used to carry or hang the artifact. “Over time, the radius of the globe, surface area, and mass increase. Hathor was a very important goddess in the pantheon of ancient Egypt, embodied joy, love and motherhood, and her place of worship was in Dendera. One of two prehistoric kilns dating back about 7,000 years, was first partially excavated in the 2019 archaeological season. But the remains of the temple are only a small fraction of its former size when it was built under the Roman emperor Claudius (reigned 41-54 AD). And let’s proceed from the fact that the “pyramidal elbow” as a measure of length had to fit an integer number of times at least one (most likely in the “supporting”) base of the pyramid. The first modern description of a Greco-Roman temple in the city of Esna dates back to 1589, when it was visited by a Venetian merchant. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The view of Egyptologists is that the relief is a mythological depiction of a djed pillar and a lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea), spawning a snake within, representing aspects of Egyptian mythology. Dark Horoscope: What Kind Of Demon Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign? The snakes coming from the lotus symbolize fertility, linked to the annual Nile flood. Viking Ship Found Buried In a Norwegian farm, The mistress of the stars – goddess of love, music and drunkenness, which almost obliterates the human race. So, with an accuracy of determining the initial base lengths of 0, 5 cm is more correct to say that the pyramid was erected within 137 – 337 thousand years ago. Two buildings were destroyed during the industrialization of Egypt, and the largest, the Temple of Esna, was used for storing cotton in the first half of the 19th century. Its name is ‘Ouroboros’, World Economic Forum Project: “Resetting the Agenda for the Future: Destruction and Renewal in the Post-COVID World”. All rights reserved. Back to the future: Five concepts of time travel, reflected in pop culture, The End of Kali Yuga in 2025: The dark times, when goodness and virtue almost disappeared from the world, The Path to Repentance: The world is on the verge of the most terrible events, The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra, Universal Computer: Formula for God’s existence, How Hell Works: A Brief Guide to the Afterlife, A strange phenomenon in the Arctic, the cause of which is unknown, Rich people from all over the world are buying submarines, A prehistoric forest that grew on earth a million years ago was found on the slope of Kilimanjaro. During the last excavations of the mound of the Bazovetsky settlement, 57 archaeological artifacts were discovered. Now remember that the rate of deceleration of the Earth’s rotation is 1.8 milliseconds per day every 100 years. “ Many people compare him to … an alien in a space suit,” the Bulgarian National Radio said in a statement about the discovery. In particular, many have tried to determine the length, etc. And in this temple are the famous “Dendera bulbs”. Did the Egyptians use artificial light to move inside the pyramids? The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Soul:Ask. Some scientists understood this even in the 19th century. I suppose that a calculation similar to the one carried out in the article on the western base will show the time of arrival of aliens on Earth (approximately 420,000 BC), and on the southern base (the longest, 230, 454 m), the calculation will show a certain boundary in the future, which the creators of the pyramid considered important for the Earth (for humanity, or for their stay here). Empirically, according to various sources, an exponential law of the increase in the radius of the globe with time has been established. Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens, The unusual hobby of the husband of Elizabeth II is unveiled.