Get contact details and address | ID: 22534176555 Amul’s ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ Brand Elements . This … Some butters are better for savory dishes, others for desserts. Whatever brand butter is butter. A little bit of butter added to anything makes it smooth, soft and tasty, be it cakes, pastries, sweets or whatever. Amul Butter girl claimed her place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest running outdoor advertising campaign. The butter swap trend comes after Amul was revealed to have been one of the sponsors to Sudarshan News channel's program on "UPSC Jihad". ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ is the catch word for Amul butter that has synced with the brand name. You look forward to Amul Butter ads, and you want to know what the next thing they would say is -- they are entertaining. Synopsis. (In fairness to Polson’s, it should be noted that its common in Europe to let cream sour a bit so that lactic acid bacteria naturally create chemicals, including diacetyl, to give it a rounded butter taste). Some butters are at their best out of the refrigerator, while others achieve maximum flavor once melted. All butter is good, but not all butter is created equal. Amul had to come up with a solution and found it in a chemical additive called diacetyl that gave it the required butter taste. The Butter Girl Amul did not always have the round-eyed moppet as its mascot. Amul in fact got catty enough to claim that its Amul Butter Cookies contain 25 per cent butter as against three or five per cent contained in the competitors' cookies. Nizamis World - Offering Flavor: Unsalted Amul Delicious Fat Spread Butter, Packaging Type: Box, Quantity Per Pack: 500 Gm at Rs 65/packet in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I tasted ten butters (all salted) and separated the delicious from the merely buttery. Butter in moderation is healthy too. Launched in 1967, the butter girl mascot is being used to advertise and promote Amul Butter for … Amul butter has followed the same tradition that it had followed in the past. Read about company.