The Internet is filled with conversion tables that ignores this and are therefore completely wrong, especially in sizes above D-cup. Bra sizes are not standardized across brands, so the size you wear in another brand may not match up to your La Senza size. Use our size charts to calculate your bra size and convert to International sizes. However, there are still producers using the 2.5 cm cup size steps. This means that some sizes convert into a several. Is the bra that you want unavailable in your size? Several bra sizing conventions are used across the world, also referred to as "size charts" or "size tables". Bra Size Chart, Bra Cup Size Calculator, European Bra Sizes and US Bra Sizes. Bra Sister Sizing. Using three tables makes the conversion process easier. Try its sister size!Each bra size has 2 possible sister sizes. Scroll down for conversions. AU, NZ and IT cup sizes were originally divided in steps of 2.5 cm (almost but not exactly 1 inch). Measuring bra size is an incredibly important component to finding a bra … The band or frame size is the firm circumference, fitted not tightly, measured directly underneath the breasts.. Bra Size Converter. The cup size steps (1 inch and 2 cm respectively) are significantly different and so are the offsets and overlaps, much more so than in band sizes. For more information on how to measure your bra size, watch HerRoom's How to Measure Your Bra Size Expert Video. Convert bra cups from EU/Int/AU/NZ/FR/ES/BE/IT to US/UK and JP/KO: Convert bra cups from US/UK to EU/Int/AU/NZ/FR/ES/BE/IT and JP/KO: You are welcome to download and share our bra size charts and tables as long as you keep the watermark and name. Don't mistake the sizes for measurements. Don't mistake the sizes for measurements. The following is a precise and accurate conversion table for bra cups. Bra Size Conversion Chart: US: USA and Canda EU: Europe (most countries) and Japan UK: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales FR: France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal IT: Italy AUS: Australia and New Zealand Note about cup size: In this bra size conversion chart, all bra sizes start with cup size AA. For example, "10" in "AU 10C" refers to 70-75 cm under bust, it does not refer to a measurement of 10 cm or 10 inches. Be sure to use the band size and cup size parts of the chart. Australian (AU) cup sizes are sometimes based on steps of 2.5 cm instead of 2 cm. For example: For measurements over bust 85 cm and under bust 74 cm the difference would seem to be 11 cm. US and UK cup sizes are divided in steps of 1 inch, JP and KO in steps of 2.5 cm (almost but not exactly 1 inch), while the rest in steps of 2 cm. The bra size conversion can really get on your nerves; hence we have collected all the possible bra size conversion charts. Cup sizes are determined by calculating the difference between over bust (where the bust is the fullest) and under bust measurements. COPYRIGHT © SIZELY 2020. (You can unsubscribe anytime you want. Online since 2006. In order to get the cup size, you would need to subtract the bust measurements from the band measurements. Precise and accurate bra size conversion chart: Precise and accurate band size conversion chart: International band size conversion table: Precise and accurate cup size conversion chart: International cup size conversion table, based on EU/Int and centimeters: International cup size conversion table, based on US/UK and inches: International cup size conversion table, based on JP/KO and centimeters: Why are most bra size chart conversion tables wrong? Then, use the international cup and band size conversion charts below to find your correct bra size. Solve the Size Issue & Create Size Charts that Reduce Returns and Keep Your Customers Happy. To determine your bra sister size, move your current "number" (band size) and "letter" (cup size… Bra cups are even more misunderstood.They refer to differences between under bust and over bust measurements but also depend on the band size … The trend is that multi-Ds are dropped. Popular bras today. However, we must round down 74 to 70, so the difference is calculated as 85-70=15 cm. The conventions are named after their area of origin and almost always as an abbreviation (shown in parenthesis): American (US), British (UK), European (EU), International (Int), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Belgian (BE), Italian (IT), Australian (AU), New Zealander (NZ), Japanese (JP) and South Korean (KO). How to Measure Your Bra Size (Video Instruction). Sizes are just "labels". Bra sizes are often misunderstood and the tables are often created with an attempt to make all the sizing conventions to fit neatly together. Band sizes are based on under bust measurements measured snugly and firmly. This will work with most bra models. Which convention is used depends on the preferences of the bra producer. DD are also knows as E, DDD as F etc. Approximations are necessary, especially for bra cups. The following is a precise and accurate conversion chart. Image: Bra sizes are often misunderstood. European (EU) and International (Int) size conventions are identical. Use the following to convert the bra sizes betweem different locations. Sizes consist of three parts: the convention abbreviation; a number, representing the band size; and a letter, representing the cup size. Please note that the precise method above is recommended. (1 inch = 2.54 cm.). These differences are more noticeable in larger sizes. For every four cup sizes based on inches there are five sizes based on centimeters. Due to the small differences, the traditional/standard conversion is recommended as it's also most widely used. This article presents accurate charts and tables with correct conversion methods. For specific details and differences, click a convention name above. For example: Over bust 85 cm and under bust 70 cm gives the difference of 15 cm, which gives an European B-cup. First, determine your bra size by following our quick and easy instructions for DIY Bra Sizing. Japanese (JP) convention is identical to South Korean (KO). HerRoom's Fitting Room™ is your key to getting insider information, including fitting and sizing … Used by Over 35,000 Sellers Worldwide on Platforms such as eBay, Poshmark, Amazon, Shopify & More. The numbers and letters often mean different things depending on the convention, even if the measurements are identical. Be careful of alternative sizing. A quick and easy way OF sharing measurements online,  Create sizing templates in seconds and run your business like a pro, TRUSTED BY SOME OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST MARKETPLACESÂ.