But a hot pot ain’t heat and numbness, there’s complexity. Never you mind that “Italian cheese” is vague, let’s see what Kevin has to say, shall we? bags. Trader Joe's Horseradish & Chives Potato Chips. I had never even heard of Zapp’s until I moved to the south, and now they are my very favorite potato chips (even before this rib-flavored discovery!) First up is their signature Salted Egg Yolk potato chips. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The potato chips come in 6-1/2 oz. Why, yes, yes it is! Yes, the comic book graphics on the outside of the bag promise explosive head. So complex and beefy. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. So, does Ruffles pull it off? I loves me a hot pot and if you’ve ever had anything with Sichuan peppercorns then you get why they used “numb” to start the flavor description. Let’s find out, shall we? For the land of Jamón and Flamenco comes Torres Selecta Sparkling Wine potato chips. Made in Louisiana, they’re crunchy, Cajun-made kettle chips with all sorts of great seasonings and flavors—try the Voodoo flavor if … Humpday is here and to celebrate I’m switching from chips to rinds. A 9-oz. Here's the rub though, there's no pig squeezin's in 'em. Ladies and gentlemen, today we bid a fond farewell to Lay’s China (for now, I suppose) with the last bag in reserves - Plum flavor potato chips. Pig Out Hella Hot Pigless Pork Rinds on In The Chips with Barry. In The Chips - Keogh's Sweet Chili & Irish Red Pepper Potato Chips. My friends Tony and Debbie came by to visit the other day and brought with them Sanders Milk Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips. 1 minute review - El Valle Black Olive Flavored Potato Chips. Taste test: These curvy potato chips had a light yellow color, with somewhat wide ripples, occasional bits of dark seasoning on the surfaces and some areas of skin on the edges. ¡Hola! Yes, all the way from jolly ole England comes the promise of a complex flavor on a chip. Lay's of China Oriental Cherry Milk Potato Chips. Or does sink into a one-note knock off of a flavor? I say kinda because, while the chips are made in Britain, the company that owns the brand is German. Kettle’s flavored chips aren’t alway a home run but say what you will, at least Kettle brings unique flavors to market on an ongoing basis. Well, kind of like BBQ flavored chips, but with a little more…salty, porkiness to them, I guess. So, does the combo work? I know. We’ve already tried their jamón flavored chips which were smokey but not really jamóny in my opinion. Introducing the newly released, Trader Joe’s Horseradish and Chive Potato Chips. Boulder Canyon Turkey & Gravy Potato Chips and Pumpkin Pie Potato Chips. Happykid. Whatever. Find out! But that lumps in with sweet, tomatoey, sugary chips which isn’t quite right. Yes, today I trying out some chickpea chips from Germany sent over by my man Marc. There was a problem completing your request. That’s right, he’s got a doctorate…in flavor (ok, not really in flavor but he does have a doctorate). For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Thai Week continues on In The Chips today with Hot Chili Squid. Yes, we finally made it through the box that contained 15 different flavors from Lay’s Thailand. Yes, these chips from Spain promise the Jamón Ibérico experience but on a chip. What’s this? I loves me some BBQ flavor and with this version promising extra I may have been a bit too excited up front. Please try again later. So, do they bring it? These were really good. Watch and find out! Now El Valle comes along and adds chorizo?! For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. So you’d think I would love these, right? Can the keep the love alive with this bold flavor combo? This week’s shows will each feature a different flavor from Lay’s of Thailand. Now, I like plantain chips with just salt already so I pre-disposed to like these. Will the chips deliver the cheese AND chives or will it be a cacophony of over-seasoning? Please try again. Doesn’t matter because Lay’s of Thailand has seen fit to flavor a potato chip for us. Yes, it’s Outstanding Foods’ Pig Out Hella Hoe Pigless Pork Rinds today on In The Chips with Barry. Swerving off the path of traditional potato chips a bit with some Pringles from Japan. Find out! Do they deliver? It’s Singapore Week! OO LA LA Smoked Gouda and Cheddar Potato Chips, Smoked Gouda flavored potato chips make another appearance only this time it’s from OOLALA and they’re bring Cheddar along for the ride. Will these ridged potato chips deliver on both? Fritos Spare Rib Flavoured Corn Chips Reviews | 4,1 out of 5 | Join Home Tester Club for free product tests and 1,000s of product reviews. I’ve found Walkers (like their American counterpart, Lay’s) to be hit or miss when it comes to flavored potato chips.