If Motorsport 7 is a bit too serious for you, Horizon 4 lightens the mood on Xbox One and PC. When it comes to racing games, there are two camps. The follow-up to the well-received hardcore racing simulator Project Cars, a product of Slightly Mad Studios, Project Cars 2 picks up the baton and takes the franchise into a new age. Grid aims to walk the line between being accessible for beginners while still being engaging enough even for seasoned sim-racers, and it somehow manages to achieve precisely that. Best PC Racing Games of All Time - It's a pretty broad statement, but after reviewing a ton of PC car games, we've compiled a list of the Top 30 games ever! The Horizon sub-series offers a decidedly different experience than the super-serious Motorsport mainline series. GT Sport doesn’t have the vast list of cars Gran Turismo 2 or 3 had, but it makes up for it with brilliant presentation, lots to do, constant free updates and a robust multiplayer experience. Sometimes you’d have to perform an airborne trick, and other times you’d have to test your drifting skills. The Xbox One X is able to show its full 4K, HDR-capable grunt with Horizon 4. In terms of over-the-top arcade racing action, no game has done it better than Burnout 3: Takedown. However, it also looks very different this time around: it’s stunning in 4K and HDR, and its 80s style colour palette sets it apart from everything else on this list. Driver: San Francisco for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii had more of a storyline than most games on this list. If you want a realistic racing game on Xbox One or PC, look no further than Forza Motorsport 7. It certainly takes a while to get up to speed – especially if you’re used to more arcade-like handling, but once you do it’s fantastic. Set in a beautiful open world version of the UK, Horizon 4 has a stellar lineup of more than 400 cars and tons of racing activities to partake in. It's the most realistic piece of software we've used so far, accurately depicting cars through the use of scanned tracks, tyre models and more. Don't bother with any of the exterior cameras when playing Shift... more, Reviewed on: 28 March 2011   Platforms: PC, DiRT 3 is hard to pick fault with. It was always going to be hard for Criterion's Need for Speed to break free... more, Reviewed on: 09 November 2010   Platforms: PC, Driver San Francisco could have been a one-trick pony but it has managed to use that trick in a variety of clever and interesting ways, ensuring the driving gameplay never becomes tiresome or generic. There are over 120 cars to choose from, including a solid blend of unlikely classics, contemporary dream cars and everything in between. The takedown mechanic thrived in the new Road Rage mode, which tasked you with totaling a set number of cars within a time limit. Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. CSR Racing 2 lets you play either the single-player campaign or lets you lock … These are the best racing games, serious sims, carnage-fueled arcade racers, and animated racers with items galore for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. If you’re a racing game fanatic in 2020, you're spoilt for choice. Much like Sebastian Vettel's unchallenged run of victories, Codemasters' F1... more, Reviewed on: 30 September 2013   Platforms: PC, It's been a long road to release, but Project Cars delivers. CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Despite dwelling in the weird no-man’s land between ‘arcade fun’ and ‘gritty sim realism’, Codemasters’ Grid delivers an exceptional pick-up-and-play racing experience. Assetto Corsa Competizione is the fully licenced game for the GT championship, and that means its packed with all the cars and tracks from both seasons. We’d love to see Double Dash‘s two-seat carts return in a future Mario Kart game, or maybe even as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Diddy Kong Racing was the best cart racer on Nintendo 64 and one of the best N64 games outright. As you’d expect, the game leans towards to the arcade side, and only just got wheel support. Top Speed was a very popular racing game back in its day, but the sequel takes things up a notch. While the cart controls weren’t as slick as those seen in Mario Kart, the tracks were more varied, including ones designed for water hovercrafts and small planes. Until the release of this game's predecessor, GTR, back in early 2005, the... more, Reviewed on: 29 November 2006   Platforms: PC, For true next-gen arcade racing thrills Burnout Paradise is most definitely your best option. There’s an entire genre of racing games available, but we’ve managed to highlight some of the best ones of all time. In some ways Heat is a continuation of everything we like about NFS: it follows the familiar formula of letting the player rip it up in a world of tournament heats, illegal street races and police chases.