This is one way of deterring starlings and grackles from stealing bird seed from the little guys. In this article we’ll go over the problems starlings can cause, why they are almost universally hated, a few tips for how to get rid of them, as well as answer some other common questions about starlings. I don’t like having to do it, but culling them may be the only way to protect the native species. Highly migratory, Bobolinks make the trip from southern South America to northern Northern American during the breeding season. There are several ways, some not particularly effective, that can dissuade these large roosts from taking up residence on your property. They will flock together with 100,000 birds or more during migration. They're taller and longer tailed than a typical blackbird, with a longer, more tapered bill and glossy-iridescent bodies. ♦The second and third photos are of the European Starlings. It is said that Eugene Schieffelin wanted to show the people of the US each kind of bird that was in William Shakespeare’s plays…So… in the late 1800’s He released 60 -100 European Starlings in Central Park ( a fairly new park at that time) in NYC. How to Attract Orioles to Your Yard (9 Helpful Tips), How to Attract Bluebirds to Your Yard (7 Helpful Tips), 4 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Bully Birds Crowding…, How to Keep Bees Away From Hummingbird Feeders (9 Simple Tips ), Tips to Keep Bully Birds from Crowding Your Feeders, How to Keep Birds Away from Patios, Decks, and Balconies, Scarecrows – You can try fake owls or hawks, here’s a. I believe that bird is a gold finch. Hi Candace – It’s always frustrating when you put food out hoping to attract one type of bird but end up with another. Grackle populations thrive due primarily to their less than picky diet. I wish they would stick their guns where the sun don't shine! They were released by a society that wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in Shakespeares works. They are known to travel together in massive flocks called murmurations of tens of thousands of birds. Their speckles are part of their non-breeding plumage; the speckles are actually light tips on the dark feathers; these tips mostly wear off during the winter months, so that in spring the starling is mostly blackish with a greenish sheen and a few very small speckles. Discussion in 'Michigan Non-Game Animals, Plants, and Scenery' started by Petronius, May 31, 2019. The tallest, longest-tailed blackbirds you see will most likely be Common Grackles. Hi Paula – that’s hard to witness, some birds can have some seemingly violent behavior when it comes to finding food or protecting their own nesting area. A nest box trap like this one on Amazon is a possible option for trapping them. Learn more about us here. Problem solvers… → 3 Responses to Grackles vs. European Starlings- What the difference? I hung a rubber rat onto my feeder pole which kept the Starlings away for one summer. They are known to peck holes in other birds eggs, rid the nest of materials, and even kill the babies found in the nest. This will break the cycle of the starlings coming to your yard for food, and you can put the feeders back out after they have moved on to another area. A quick scroll down the page, for example, shows birds with a multitude of feaather colors, contrary to the name blackbird inferring black feathers. What? It was one of Michigan's first social networks. And the woodpeckers and other small clinging birds will enjoy eating in a position that is very natural and comfortable for them. Starling are listed as Nuisance Pest and can be taken down year round while the Grackle is a protected MIGRATORY SPECIES. And it keeps the population down so they don't over run everything. Tired of reading always hateful comments about these sweet birds! :(ALL BIRD LOVER. Mainly because there is safety in numbers. I don't have a problem with the grackles and starlings eating seed, I buy the cheap stuff at Meijer. I want to feed Blue Jays but by doing that I getting problem birds at my feeders chasing the other birds away is there anything i can feed the jays that starlings & grackles wont eat? It seldom eats the seeds, only perchs on the hooks to scare off the other birds. Females and males out of breeding plumage have a more calm looking brown set of feathers. T couldn't be more wrong. You can buy birdhouses specifically sized for bluebirds such as the Nature’s Way Cedar Bluebird house with the appropriate sized opening. Starlings and grackles never chase the other birds away and peacefully eat whatever they can salvage from my lawn. Some interesting facts about the Starling (from. We'd really appreciate it! The Woodpeckers have almost given up, the Blue Jays have to fight through the mayhem to get the peanuts on-the-shell that I leave them, and the Cardinals are forced to be very selective about when they attempt to come in. – from northern NJ. The red and yellow striped on the wings serve as the basic field identification clues. With the exception of the Soutwest, they migrate south to Mexico during the winter. In the winter they become a duller yellow, but they’re the same birds. If a female does not get a mate early enough in the season she might lay an egg in another. Common grackles are less sexually dimorphic than larger grackle species, but the differences between the sexes can still be noticeable. Thanks BirdingGirl and also thanks to the "June 30th Anonymous" comment poster. The list is posted at European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are a non-native species and are not related to our native blackbirds. Place one kind of bird seed in each feeder. Aside from the tips in this article, we have some bird deterrent methods listed in our article about keeping birds away from decks and patios. Thanks for the visit. Starlings have also been known to build their nests right on top of other birds nests. While there are a few things that they do not like, such as safflower seeds, they will scavenge for food and eat your backyard feeder birds out of house and home if given the chance. The Starling swarms do not last all day, but they still consume all of the food intended for our native birds. but has a black bill it is a grackle? A common grackle may appear black but they actually have shiny iridescent purple heads and prominent yellow eyes. I'm a hunter and I know my laws. European starlings are among the most hated and unwanted birds in the country. When bird control is forgotten, some pest birds such as starlings and grackles can take over. By chasing them away early, you can prevent a larger flock from deciding your yard is a good roosting site. Grackles and Starlings will eat seed and are seen eating insects in the grass. Best known as the birds that lay their eggs in other birds’ nests and have the host hatch and raise their young, their increased population raises concerns about the species whose nests they parasitize. I have Sparrows, too, but I like them…..that’s fine. just sighted European starling in winter plumage in Aurelia, iowa perusing one of our squirrel houses. ← Mealworms are here! In a sad irony, the data suggests that a changing climate means that Baltimore may not being suited for breeding one long term warming trends become more permanent in the area. Founded in 1999, started as a collection of links to Michigan related sites, and a series of manually edited blogs. Starlings are invasive, and therefor bad. The female remains that color in summer but the male becomes a bright yellow. ♦The top photo is  a Common Grackle. Red-winged blackbirds hold the title of widest ranging blackbirds. Starlings eat their larvae as well as the moths. Starlings were introduced to North America, released in Central Park, in New York City around 1890. Conversely, Grackles, who we are attempting to isolate here, are very similar in appearance with all black feathers, but Grackles have gold or green looking eyes and black beaks. The European starling is native to Europe and Asia but has also been introduced to other countries such as Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I had a flock pass through my yard recently too. As a last ditch effort, you can even try removing all your feeders for a couple of weeks. 3. I've always had the two mixed up! The grackles attack many of the songbirds we try to attract. Come on, I live a mile north of Detroit., The Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes it illegal to kill or remove hundreds of species of birds, including the red-winged blackbird. The only way I really know of to deter starlings while still feeding other birds is to try and find feeders that the starlings have trouble with. They chase ALL birds away by swarming over feeders and and anywhere else they can!!! The short answer is no. We have several seed feeders that discourage the starlings, too. In all grackles, makes are iridescent black and females are brown-grey or some variant thereof.Grackles are native songbirds and are thus protected.