Maximizing Tax Credits with Jonathan Warner

Workforce Training Partners

Jonathan Warner is a seasoned training, organization development, and performance improvement professional with over 20 years of experience assisting clients to develop their workforce for compliance, quality, and maximum performance. His company, Workforce Training Partners, maximize tax credits for Georgia-based businesses by uncovering hidden opportunities that other accounting firms might miss.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss customized training, tax credits, and advice for entrepreneurs.


Jonathan tells us about enlisting in the Navy and receiving an education in electronics.

A Move to Georgia

Jonathan tells us about moving to Georgia and working at Scientific Atlanta.

Georgia Quick Start

Jonathan talks to us about working with Georgia Quick Start, an economic development incentive program.

Business Expansion Support Act

Jonathan talks about meeting Michael Jones and the purpose of the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit.

Customized Training Programs

Jonathan tells us about developing customized training programs as the director of economic development for the largest technical college in Georgia.

Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

Jonathan talks about the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit and how it can be used by businesses to offset training costs.

Georgia Retraining Documentation Requirements

Jonathan discusses the documentation requirements for Georgia-based businesses to qualify for the retraining tax credits.

Eligible Costs for Retraining Tax Credit

Jonathan tells us about the eligible cost for Georiga-based businesses for the retraining tax credit.

Turn Around Time and Eligible Tax Years

Jonathan discusses turn-around time and how far back a Georgia-based business can file for the retraining tax credit.

Generating New Business

Jonathan tells us about establishing relationships with CPAs and teaching them to look for opportunities for tax credits with their clients.

A Key Trusted Advisor

Jonathan Warner of Workforce Training Partners talks about client interaction being one of his favorite parts of his job.

Listen to the Experts

Jonathan gives some of his best advice for people who want to go into business for themselves.

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