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Credit Card Payment Acceptance

Through our partnerships, we have the ability to provide our clients with competitive rates for merchant accounts and offer loyalty programs and gift card options. The Websuasion Team has extensive knowledge integrating with our partner solutions and can provide payment system solutions to fit any business.

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Sales Lead Marketing

Working with our partner, ClientLeap, we can provide highly-targeted and heavily-researched sales leads to your representatives. We designed the ClientLeap platform to track correspondence from phone, email, and print through to the closing deal. The platform includes detailed reporting on your prospects and sales. Additionally, it utilizes aggregate response trends to maximize campaign effectiveness.

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Sales Pipeline Software

Your sales and service representatives out in the field need to be able to best present your product line to customers while quickly capturing as much customer profile data as possible. We design custom presentational sales and service apps for iOS and Android tablets which can create customer accounts, create orders, take payments, and communicate securely back to your cloud server.

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Inventory Management Software

Paperless inventory control can help your business to prevent loss and fulfillment delays while saving staff time. We offer a number of options including barcode and RFID which allow your staff to easily receive and ship orders no matter the location. All data is centralized in your own secure cloud server and can be monitored and administrated from your headquarters. Custom reporting is also available so that you are never unexpectedly under or over-stocked.

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Big Data Analytics & Reporting

As your digital data collection grows, it becomes more difficult to understand what it means for your business. We have extensive experience in designing custom reporting algorithms and data exporation tools which can not only show you what is happening in your current business, but can also reveal opportunities you may have never considered. We can provide beautiful, interactive charts and graphs that are easy to understand yet powerful in their depth.

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Healthcare Websites & Patient Payment Portal

Over the years we've noticed a significant need in the healthcare industry for quality, responsive websites containing patient targeted marketing information in a clear and concise manner. We now offer website solutions and content for many healthcare specialties. Thanks to our parters at Intrix Technology, we are also able to integrate their new patient payment portal and offer highly competitive rates on credit card processing and insurance eligibility checks.

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