Business Planning with Rebecca Brizi

Rebecca Brizi is a Strategic Development and Business Operations Consultant. She comes from over 10 years of experience taking Linex Systems from their initial startup phase to a new market and subsidiary company in the United States. Now as an independent consultant, she's adept at bringing beginning-to-end enterprise operational management to her clients.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss the challenges of running a startup, creating a business strategy, using systems to validate business models, and avoiding away-from words in sales and marketing.


Rebecca tells us about the decision to move from working in a corporate environment to a SaaS startup.

Challenges in a Startup Company

Rebecca tells us how she used the challenges of being a small startup and developed them into strengths.

The Decision to Start Consulting

Rebecca talks to us about her move from working with a small startup company to starting her own consulting firm.

Diversity of Clientele

Rebecca talks about her experience with helping clients in different businesses.

Importance of Having a Strategy

Rebecca tells us about the importance of having a strategy and the difference between a strategy and a goal.

Creating the Foundation for Strategists

Rebecca discusses the importance of creating a foundation for bringing in specialists to develop specific strategies in their areas of expertise.

Understanding the Experience of the Client

Rebecca explains how her systems work to understand the experience of the client.

Using Instruments for a Specific Outcome

Rebecca tells us how the specific outcome or experience affects the type of instrument used in business.

Business Relationships

Rebecca discusses how business relationships can end up being very different from what you expect.

Asking the Important Questions

Rebecca explains how asking specific questions works with clients and in networking situations.

Implementing Training

Rebecca tells us how she is currently shifting from a focus on consulting to implementing training for clients wanting a more accelerated program.

Same Word Different Meaning

Rebecca advises that the same word that can have different meanings depending on context and can negatively affect business in certain situations.

App Developer Checklist

You've been busy building your business, not learning all the ins and outs of application development. There's no reason you should know what it takes to develop a quality, maintainable application and bring it to market. But, before you contract with any firm (including ours), you should understand what is considered the standard. So, we've developed a handy two-page checklist. It will arm you the questions you need to ask before you move forward.

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